Territories of Nightmoon


The auditorium is empty -Inscribed on its inner walls you read the following:


Can be likened to containers present in the psyche, holding unconscious content. When all this content has been brought to consciousness, enlightenment happens.
There are four archetypes. These are:
The Persona archetype
The Shadow archetype
The Friend archetype
The Enemy archetype

The Persona archetype is the I sense. It dominates the conscious mind where it acts as a host to the other archetypes.

The Shadow reveals itself to the conscious mind through projections. A projection is a mental image of another to which a characteristic is attached.
The Shadow projections are all negative in nature. The most prevalent projection you will come across is the sickness projection. The Shadow holds repressed traits or aspects of ourselves. To become whole and healed we learn how to integrate projections. We achieve this by observing them as they appear in consciousness.

This holds all those who act positively towards us and are retained in memory.

This holds all those who act negatively towards us and are retained in memory. Verbal criticisms also belong to this archetype.

Neither the content of the friend or enemy archetypes get projected. Instead, they tend to 'hit' consciousness.

To be whole is to be fulfilled and so we embark on the growth process – the meditation adventure.
The growth process is that of inner development.
When the unconscious (memory) is emptied of content, enlightenment takes place.
So, with diligence, determination, persistence and also inner certainty we observe the previously unconscious memory material as it appears on the surface of the conscious mind. In practice this meditation fills one's non-active moments. The watching of the four archetypes thus becomes a way of life for the spiritual seeker. It is easily understood by the bodhisattvas, after a while.

The Shadow archetyp
e holds vast quantities of repressed sickness which all needs to be brought to the conscious part of the mind for healing to take effect.
We transform sickness by observing the many hundreds of sickness projections as they appear in consciousness. You will, with practice, learn to identify them easily as they can often appear on the surfaces of the immediate environment (ie – the walls of your meditation room).

You leave the auditorium and tread upon the reddened earth observed by a couple of the strange creatures that dwell in these territories. Avoiding the ice deposits you make your way towards a distant cluster of dwelling huts and stores. When you reach them you buy the provisions you require before seeking an Inn to stay for the night. On the outskirts of the industrial centre you come across a man with a mask telling stories to a group of children. He has various sorcerers’ items at hand but appears to also be a news teller. After he has finished speaking to the young group you ask him for the latest news. He responds thus:
“This school represents a radical departure from old
-school Jungian psychology which was dreamwork orientated. The simple tenet of this school is “without meditation there is no growth process”. People are drawn to the spiritual path through dis-satisfaction when all is not yet perfect with their lives. This might be brought about by bereavement, being outcast, feelings of unfulfillment, failing bodily functions, dis-satisfactory relations, a lack of peace of mind, a sense of incompleteness in the world, not yet being master of one’s own destiny, sickness, depression or simply the burning desire to know the meaning of life. It is dissatisfaction which draws people to the spiritual path which is now understood to be jungian.”

You leave the scene. Some time later a man, presumably a wizard, walks towards you and says: “Welcome then to Nightmoon’s school of crack Jungian psychology. Cancer can be tackled by emptying the sickness from the shadow archetype of the unconscious. Time will tell whether this approach is successful in transforming cancer cells into healthy cells. Expect results. The crack Jungians will know what they are doing”.


On your travels you chance upon a temple. At the centre there emerges a huge head of solid granite. Its face turns directly towards you and speaks:
The four truths of this religion are as follows:
1)  The spiritual adept has an unswerving dedication to meditation.
2)  This is easier once one has mastered the path.
3)  The path to enlightenment is that of watching the four archetypes.
4)  If you know the first step inwards then you know them all.
These words are spoken slowly and with the utmost gravity. The head then slowly descends into a smoky, smouldering abyss and is never seen by you again. You leave the temple

After a while you meet two helmeted newstellers perched high upon rocks. They tell you, "the Jungians of the last century were a somewhat sleepy and lethargic bunch.
The Jungians of this century will be an entirely different proposition.
With their meditation broadswords nicely sharpened, they shall proceed to do battle with cancer…
And they shall win.
The switch from the failing practice of dreamwork to the succeeding practice of mind watching (meditation) shall tip the scales in favour of those who wish to alter cancer, wherever it has gained a foothold…"

You chance, unexpectedly, upon an old saints graveyard. One of the statues momentarily comes to life and says: "Seekers of the past were thwarted because they did not know the five-fold path. Understand this and all of the inner doors that block your progress, will disappear, as if by magic."

In an old tower you read some writing. It says: 'genuine seeker, work hard for your enlightenment once the archetypes are known to you'.

You head westwards, only to find yourself on a windswept, misty moorland. A stone captures your attention. It appears to be the gravestone of an alchemist of old.
On it you read: When its mistakes are taken out, Jungian psychology becomes the magic religion. Thus unburdened it manifests into the spiritual journey itself.

In the valley below you see dwellings and so head towards them, looking for an inn to stay for the night.

At the village, a female figure appears at a darkened doorway. “Stranger! You will need to know the five-fold path if you are to succeed in your quest”.

The local inn, known as ‘The Mystic’s Rest’ is coloured by all kinds of other-worldly embellishments. A strangely enchanting person, who chooses to remain hooded, sits at your table and speaks. “The four archetypes are magical indeed. Fail to know them and you will find yourself in philosophical blind alleys. Know them and you will find yourself embarking on the dragon’s flight.” The anonymous one leaves as quickly as he appeared.

When you have finished your meal, the wizened innkeeper then shows you to your room for the night. As you sleep, a man from long ago appears in your dream, with the words ‘Across, across to the other shore’ continuously afresh on his lips.

The next day, on your travels, you are drawn to one of the beautiful moon pools that adorn the landscape. In it a girl's face appears and says ... "Seekers of previous ages struggled, because they were not taught about the archetypal root of mental phenomena and they were not taught how to deal with it. So the mind and therefore the spiritual path remained a mystery to them. By turning your attention inward, that is to say by watching the mind, the five-fold path will become known to you. Then your spiritual journey will have the confidence that comes naturally with ability."

Beside the moonpool, you notice a track which you decide to follow. It leads to another moonpool, where a young girl is collecting pebbles. A tiny, winged creature hovers above her, which she calls her pet. You strike up a conversation and before long she is leading you to her village.

At the camp there is a guru who says "For modern spiritual seekers, mastering the inner growth process is the number one priority. If this is mastered then knowledge of the spiritual journey in its entirety falls naturally into place. The path becomes second nature. Enlightenment is assured." To celebrate your arrival, the fire is stoked up. A man strikes up a tune on the fiddle, to which a couple of dwarfs dance and a general mood of merriment and optimism fills the camp. A feast is provided and you all talk the dharma long into the night.....

That night in your dream, a beautiful owl flies directly towards you, holding in its claws, a magical amulet, which it drops into your hands. Inscribed on it you find the words, 'Know thy mind. The spiritual seeker of integrity watches the four archetypes diligently.'

The next day, having completed the morning tasks and eaten a hearty meal, you find yourself in the company of a dragonlord, who offers to take you up into the skies, on his dragon.
Once secured, you are taken to meet the Graeae – three witches who live in a cave, hidden deep in a rocky outcrop amongst the mountain ranges, far away from the prying eyes of the untrusted.
The Graeae are suspicious by nature, but it appears that they have been expecting you.
Observing your figure through their famous eye, they find much that they like in your appearance. ‘Much is expected of you!’ they shriek excitedly. ‘In many of the old sects, the special one was often somebody else. In this, the special one, is, yourself!’
In a mystical state, the three witches then chant in unison:
‘Deal with your anger by integrating your rejections. Deal with your need to be liked by integrating the opposite sex.
Deal with your sickness by integrating the shadow. Learn how to do these three and a worthy seeker you shall become!’
They hand you a silver key which they say will prove useful. Thanking them, you bid them farewell. Back on the dragon, you swoop once again into the rocky mists, with your dragonlord companion proving to be an excellent navigator of this difficult, but nonetheless breath-taking terrain.

Swooping and soaring through the skies along the mountain ranges, you finally land on a rocky outpost known as 'the land of the dragons'.
One of the dragons moves away at your approach, revealing a skull, set in the stone, that was being carefully protected. In a booming voice, the skull, in a somewhat agitated state, bellows the following:
"The entire world of meditation and therapy needs a complete overhaul! The meditations and therapies of the past have left mankind totally vulnerable to diseases such as dementia and cancer! Do not place your sole reliance on their methods! Look at their failure rate! It is sickness, still trapped in the unconscious, which sustains these sicknesses! Unless you learn how to empty your unconscious, then you will remain a sitting-duck target for sicknesses such as these!"
Having said its piece, the skull then bursts into flames, its anger subsided, its message delivered, its life purpose having seemingly been achieved. 

Before these tumultuous events, which caused the sky to darken, the bats to leave their caves, the wizards to spin around and all manner of crazy things to happen, a mouse leaped out of one of the skull's eye hollows, deciding to make a new home out of your shirt's top pocket. With your new companion, you all head back to the village, passing over various settlements and outposts of the territories.
The massive wings of your dragon flap valiantly, with such power that you find yourselves dashing through the skies at a breakneck pace.
Back at the village, you all sit by the evening campfire and recount your adventure. A group of dwarf newstellers arrive. They are somewhat mysterious and look, not unlike the gnarled trees of the woodland, from which they have appeared.
They tell you that Nightmoon the wizard has devised a point by point plan to deal with dementia in its early stages ..... and that its exact detail will soon be circulating around the territories. 




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